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Relaxing Bodywork Massage

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Sinus Cupping – Hot Rocks – Herbal Compression

Bodywork is a therapeutic or personal developed technique. Whether  your goal is to unwind from daily stress or eliminate chronic pain. I can identify muscular issues,pain, and restrictions while relaxing and help you gain more mobility and restore overall balance.

Full Body Massage

Deep Muscle Massage

Muscle Pain Relief

Joint Pain Relief


Mood improvement

Soothing Thai Foot Massage

The foot massage starts with a foot soak and massage of feet and legs. Followed by hot towels and also some reflexology . Client stays fully dressed but clothing needs to be pants that can be pushed up to the knee easily.

Energy Restoring Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

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